Community Support

Charity Event Announcements

Charity Event PromotionSunshine is proud to support our community. Send us your charity event information and we’ll be happy to put your community announcement on our Reader Board if the space is available. This opportunity is offered on a first come, first serve basis to local charities who want to promote their fundraising events. Please note that scheduling conflicts may prevent us from being able to post every event submitted to us.


Is your organization holding a fundraising event? Give us a call with your support request.

Coming Soon…

Please note that we are working towards a charity car wash program that will enable local organizations to hold fundraising car washes at our facility. Stay tuned for more developments.

We support the Environment

Did you know that using an automated car wash is better for the environment? When you wash your car in your driveway, surface contaminants such as phosphorus, motor oil, gas and chemicals get washed directly into our storm drains and eventually into our lakes, rivers and wetlands where they accumulate in the environment, poisoning our ecosystem and making their way back into our household water supply.

Most people believe that washing their car in the driveway uses less water than an automated car wash. In fact statistics have shown that automated tunnel washes use up to 150 fewer litres of water than using your garden hose. Even better, the waste water is diverted into the municipal sewage system where is is treated and cleaned before being released back into the environment.